Relay 4-Bit Ripple Carry Adder

After developing relay based logic gates and designing 1 bit full adder made from relays, the challenge was to link a few of these together to create a relay based binary adder.  The overall objective was to create a relay based adder that could handle calculations of at least a moderately interesting size. A 4 […]

Relay Full Adder Circuit

Having designed some logic gates using relays, I had the foundations of doing simple math with a pure relay circuit.  This is where the adder comes into play. To understand how adders work you really have to start with a brief discussion of base 2 vs base 10 mathematics.  Everybody should be familiar with base […]

Creating Relay Logic Gates

I am not a computer scientist.  Nor have I really had any CS courses.  Far from it.  I hold two degrees in literature and literary theory.  So, when I started to wonder how computers work (since I use them every day!) I had to go about teaching myself.  While I have some experience with contemporary programming […]